When the pandemic hit, thousands of students were left without internships, and new grads were left without mentors. So we put a 12-week ad school on Reddit where people from all backgrounds could learn from pros at Goodby, W+K, Tool, BBDO, and more.  
And it was all free. Yep FREE.
Not everyone can afford portfolio school. So it wasn't just about giving existing students an opportunity but creating the opportunity for those who never had one. 
The lectures garnered thousands of views, hundreds of students participated in assignments and fifty students were selected amongst an applicant pool of over 1000+ to participate in the live lectures. Assignments were created and graded every week.
Lectures and assignments can be found here and the website seen below can be found here.

Meet the founders behind the initiative! 
Dan Greener, Edward King, Neha Guria, and Joe
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