The Brief: 
Promote Gold House's A100 List of Honorees on the website
The Insight: 
Nobody is reading long-listed biographies + wordy paragraphs about honorees.
The Idea 
Instead of listing out the A100’s accomplishments, we’ll link them out.
Introducing The House of Gold. An interactive campaign that turns the honorees' bios into bite-sized clickable content — gamifying the experience and blending the line between education and entertainment.
The A100 honorees are categorized into rooms in the house by their industry. 
Click on the TV, see an actor’s bio and movies the individual is in. Tap on the speakers, get an instant download of New Jeans’ EP. Click on the basketball and watch Yuta Watanabe’s latest highlight clip.
Explore the office and meet California Attorney General, Rob Bonta. Navigate to the bedroom to check out Interior Designer, Joanna Gaines etc.
We’ll partner with relevant gamers to livestream them finding easter eggs and discussing the A100 honorees as they explore the house. Honorees can hint where people can find them in the house to drive traffic to the site.
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