Taste of Mubi

A pop-up restaurant that serves you food from famous films.

What is Mubi?

MUBI is an online, cinema streaming service that presents a selection of just 30 films – each one handpicked by a human being with great taste. A new choice is added every day (the Film of the Day) and the oldest film is removed, making sure the selection always stays fresh.


MUBI’s curators have incredible taste in movies, so we brought that to life literally, and gave people a taste of it. We took an old run-down cinema in London and converted it into a pop-up restaurant that serves exact replicas of famous meals from films. The restaurant would serve 30 meals from 30 hand-picked films. Every film available to taste at the restaurant is available to watch online. The experience builds trust in MUBI and their ability to curate a great taste of films.