Speedo Smartpool

An interactive pool that tracks your swim


Swimming is a difficult sport to track, especially without the ability to glance at any device during a workout. 


Let the pool do the tracking. The SmartPool uses Kinect sensors and LED tiling systems to improve your swim.

Brand:: Speedo
Scaddy Awards 2016:: Judges Selection
Scaddy Awards 2016:: Sliver Experiential
Scaddy Awards 2016:: Sliver Emerging Tech Innovation
Speedo’s SmartPool can track your posture, which is key to mastering the stroke technique.
The LED tiling displays your previous lap’s average speed allowing you to try and beat it.
LED lights in pools with the purpose to TRAIN. Find one near you, or vote for the next location.
Set goals, train smart, improve your performance, challenge your friends and share your success.
Here's a short video that will take you through the entire website. [Fully Coded]