Tab Cola is unknown and unpopular to this generation. But, the internet IS this generation, so we partnered with Giphy and asked the internet to #gifusfame and help connect Tab Cola to all trendy things using gifs.

The output? An interactive website where users hold down the tab key to view curated gifs made by the internet.

Creative Team: : Neha Guria & Hien Le
Awards:: GOLD — District Student Addy
Awards:: Best in Interactive Design — District Student Addy
Awards:: GOLD & Best of Show — Savannah Student Addy
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How did this work?

01. Download

We gave the internet access to pre-keyed shots of Tab Cola cans. Then, they could create whatever they wanted to with Giphy’s collection of pop culture’s greatest.

02. Share

Users could tweet or instagram their gifs with #gifusfame for a chance to have their work featured.

03. Feature

Chosen works were curated onto gifusfame.com. Simply hold down the tab key to see the collection.