Beyond The Surface

An experience with light and typography

Idea: Challenge people to look beyond the surface of what is displayed to them the with one thing everyone always has in their hand; their phone.

Background: Knog designs and manufactures lighting products from bike lights to lights for smartphones. They refuse to conform to anyone or anything and strive to revolutionize the way we think about lights and locks.They want to enable people around the world to discover their own sense of freedom, have fun, and live in the moment. We created an interactive experience that displayed Knog’s values using light and typography.

Brand:: Knog
Art Direction:: Neha Guria & Faten Al Mukhtar
Co-Art Direction:: Alex Gunderson
Copywriter: : Ryan Lewis
Videographer: : Ivan Fernandaz
Photographer: : Yugendu Vyas
Editor:: Neha Guria
Scaddy Award 2016: : Gold—Experiential